Aerial Mapping

Using drones to capture high-resolution aerial photos and use advanced image processing softwares to generate precise, accurate and geo-referneced aerial imagery, 2D layouts, 3D models etc.

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Industrial Inspection and Aerial Surveillance

Using drones to provide remote real-time visuals on the state of assets such as Telecom towers, antennas, pipelines, drilling rigs, coast and borders etc.

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Drone flight training using flight simulation solutions. Development and repair of unmanned aerial vehicles. Generation of accurately georeferenced 2D maps and 3D models from aerial imagery. Geospatial data management.

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Procurement, Supply and Customization

We help our clients procure fit for purpose hardware and software. We also customize drones with features such as takeoff and landing mechanisms, specialized sensors, remote tracking and smart tethered control and power station for unlimited flight time.

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Nigerbird Technologies Limited is a drone technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria that is primarily involved in the provision of aerial surveillance, inspection and aerial mapping services within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our team of engineers, drone operators, data analysts, and software developers work in tandem to provide clients with drone-based solutions for optimal performance. Our services include aerial surveillance/patrol, aerial mapping, image processing, data analytics and drone customization.

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