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We are a technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria that offers drone intelligent system solutions to our client. Our services span across technology consulting, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspection, data analytics and drone customization
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About Us

How we are No.1 in Service Providing.

Who We Are

We are a technology company based in Lagos, Nigeria that offers drone intelligent system solutions to our client. Our services span across consulting and implementation of drone-oriented solutions, aerial mapping, remote sensing, aerial reconnaissance, data analytics and building of customized aerial vehicles. Our solutions improves our clients inspection duration, data accuracy, operational flexibility, personnel safety etc.


We are a team of electrical engineers, data analysts, drone pilots and software developers and our goal is to provide visual intelligence that facilitate organizations to make more informed decisions.


Why We Exist

Nigerbird exists to provide African organizations and government agencies with technology that would enable them operate at unprecedented levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


Africa’s socio-economic development is directly linked to the technology within its reach and that is the reason we are taking initiative to develop its engineering capacity and technology infrastructure.


Nigerbird aims to position Africa at the forefront of technology research and development and promote a culture of excellence across the continent.

Why Drones?

Our decision to focus on drone technology stems primarily from three major factors. Firstly, we recognize that across different industries, this technology would help clients achieve groundbreaking levels of efficiency and reduce personnel-related risk.


Furthermore, as the drone technology is yet to fully mature, an opportunity exists for Nigerbird to gain competitive advantage in the global industry. Achieving this would align with the mission of our home country – Nigeria to diversify its economy.


Lastly, our team of engineers with experience in advanced control systems, unmanned aerial vehicle automation and software development are very excited about drone technology and its evolution!

Creativity and Innovation

We perpetually strive to extend the boundaries of technology and improve the quality of our solutions.

Customer Focus

We consider ourselves successful when our customers' challenges are satisfactorily addressed.


We take responsibility for the safety of human life, the environment and other assets.

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