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What We Do

At Nigerbird, we help our clients design integrated solutions that help them sense and capture data using drones. More importantly, we analyze these captured data to provide valuable insight.


Usually, part of our clients’ operations require that they gather information from sources that are remote, hard to access, at very high altitudes or at odd routines hours. Many at times it is difficult for client personnel to accurately capture or interpret this data as they require certain proximities that poses threat to their safety.  We help our clients design intelligent drone solutions that include appropriate sensors on drones to help them capture their required data more efficiently while reducing risk to personnel and increasing data accuracy.


Our solutions offer our client flexibility and heightened control during data capture routines. It also empowers them with analytical tools to better manipulate the information gathered in the field. 


In a nutshell, we utilize drones to provide the following services:


    • aerial mapping


    • remote sensing


    • aerial surveillance/inspection/reconnaissance


    • image processing and data analytics


    • building of customized aerial vehicles
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Purpose-Built Drones

We build drones to include features that match our client’s specific needs. Examples of clients’ specific needs may include increased drone coverage radius, increased flight duration, high-definition cameras, thermal sensors, storage capacity etc.

Remote Control and Data Analytics

We take pride in implementing end-to-end integrated drone technology solutions. We are able to link drone feeds to a communication network that would in turn transmit the captured data to remote interfaces. This information is stored on secured servers and can be analyzed over extended periods. Data from our solution can also be used to trigger events in other existing solutions e.g. deploying a response team or shutting down a facility.

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Implementation, Operations and Maintenance

Our scope of services includes installation, testing and commissioning of our drone intelligent solution. Highly trained Nigerbird engineers operate the installed integrated systems and carry out scheduled maintenance.